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Paver Patios/Driveways

Property owners must hire reliable contractors for their patio or driveway installation project. By having paver patios and driveways designed and built by experts, they can expect these amenities to be durable, functional, and attractive. These benefits will surely make their investment truly worth every dollar spent and their stay comfortable each time.

At Lawnscapers Inc., we have been creating outstanding landscape features since we opened for business in 1987. Through the years, we’ve cultivated a strong partnership with the most trusted manufacturers of landscaping materials, including Belgard Commercial, with which we began working with in 2005. Meanwhile, our professionally-trained paver installers have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest design techniques for paver patios and driveways. With these capabilities, you can be sure to have outdoor amenities that you will enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

Experienced Paver Installers

While some property owners opt for the DIY way in building their desired landscape structures, nothing still beats getting experienced installers for such technical jobs. In the hands of licensed landscaping personnel, you can be certain that they have the skills and resources to pull off any kind of paver installation project, no matter how challenging it may be. Building paver patios and driveways require heavy equipment and specialized tools to complete – resources which professional landscapers have.

Moreover, you have the option to go for a highly custom design, since established contractors like us have dedicated design crews to create your desired patio or driveway. We also use the latest computer design software to give you stunning outdoor features. Finally, you can expect a hassle free experience since our people know the process like the back of their hands.

Elegant Paver Patios

When you tap our services, you'll surely get an elegant paver patio that is designed and built according to your demands. Our company is known for our one-off, custom designs that let us create unique paver patios for our WI clients. The patio designs that we create will easily complement with your home's architecture and landscape setting. Each paver patio that we install is made from premium concrete pavers and construction materials, so it will last a long time.

Moreover, we can add your desired features to make your outdoor stay safer, more enjoyable, and comfortable. Among other possibilities, we can place small garden setup, outdoor lighting, pergola/roofing, outdoor furniture, fire pit/fireplace, koi pond/mini waterfalls, and walls/screens. Just tell us what amenities you want for your patio and we’ll install them.

Long-lasting Paver Driveways

Our paver driveways are not only attractive, but also functional and durable. We carefully prepare the area before paver installation to ensure that it is leveled and devoid of any hazards like tree stumps or boulders. Meanwhile, the pavers we use can handle vehicle traffic and harsh weather conditions, thereby assuring hassle-free maintenance. They are also highly decorative, so you can expect a handsome driveway that will create a great first impression among your guests. Lastly, they are sure to be designed and built smartly to allow for safe traffic flow in and out of your property.

Call (262) 377-5885 should you have other questions on our paver patios and driveways. We hope to hear from you soon.

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