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For over three decades now, our company has served countless residents of WI by handling lawn care and landscape maintenance tasks. We can work on all kinds of maintenance tasks, including aeration, tree and shrub trimming, de-thatching, and mulching. Our crews specifically have the expertise needed to apply the right mulch for residential and commercial landscapes. With our wide network, we can source premium quality mulches from trusted suppliers. This means that we can provide the exact mulches that you need and apply them properly on your plantings.

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Premium Mulch Installation

As a family-owned landscaping company, we value client satisfaction and make it our mission to improve landscapes in private properties and commercial areas across the state. One way we do this is by using top-quality mulches from our partners. Right now, we primarily use double ground hardwood and wood chip mulches in our mulch installation projects. But aside from these two, we can also source other mulches that may be required by our clients. Among these mulches are pine straw, mushroom compost, shredded hardwood, chopped cocoa bean hulls, chopped leaves/grass clippings, seaweed compost, crushed corncobs, and many others. Just tell us the specific mulches that you need and we’ll source them for you.

Meanwhile, we also ensure proper mulch installation to achieve the best results and benefits for our clients’ landscapes. We apply just the right amount of mulches, choose the right type and color of mulch, and shy away from using cheap mulching materials. With proper installation, we can ensure that the mulches provide nutrition, inhibit weed growth, and beautify the surroundings. Mulches can be re-applied every year or every season, depending on the state of the mulches and plantings or the property owner’s demand. We can do a quick survey of your yard to determine if fresh mulches should be applied or if the existing application is still good.

Benefits of Our Mulches

There are some great benefits that regular application of mulches can provide to any landscape, particularly one with lots of plantings. Here are some of them:

  • Hold moisture. Mulches are known to trap moisture, which is needed by plants during summer. These landscape materials not only help plants survive during the dry season, but also lower irrigation bills.
  • Help control weed growth. Mulches limit the amount of sunlight that is needed by weed to grow. In turn, mulches ensure that weed won’t grow too fast for comfort and create problems for the property owner.
  • Prevent soil erosion. Mulches act as barrier against rainwater, which in turn keeps soil from eroding. This will ensure that your plantings will have stable soil to hold on, so they can grow properly and thrive.
  • Ward off pests. Certain mulches like cedar bark emit oils that insects hate, but it’s best to first consult with experts to know the right type of mulches to use on your yard.
  • Beautify the yard. There are many types of decorative mulches that you may choose from. Just make sure that the ones you’ll choose will either complement with your outdoor theme or create a nice contrast.

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