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Erosion Control

There are many products on the market to reduce erosion into streams, sewer systems and neighbors yards. We strive to use top quality products to fix the problems you may be having. We install silt fence, inlet protection, erosion mating and straw mulch. Please contact us with any erosion control problems or questions.

We Make Your Outdoors Safer and More Functional

As a property owner, you want a safer, more appealing and functional outdoors. But your property may not offer these benefits because of the current topography of the area. Steep slopes, bare land areas, and uneven terrain will usually lead to erosion. This problem can cause serious damage to your outdoor features, landscaping, and other masonry structures in your property. Don't let this thing happen by hiring erosion control specialists like us at Lawnscapers, Inc.

Our company has already installed countless erosion control products for residential and commercial properties across Wisconsin. Our solutions are proven effective and long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about contaminating the waterways or damaging your landscape features. We also recommend natural methods that can effectively prevent soil erosion. Just contact us today at (262) 377-5885 to learn more about our erosion control services.

Various Erosion Control Methods

At Lawnscapers, Inc., we can address all your soil erosion concerns by installing the most appropriate erosion control systems in your property. Our personnel will visit your property to assess the risks and determine the right system or product to install. To ensure the efficient functioning of the erosion control structure or system, we only follow proven installation methods and techniques. We also equip our crews with task-appropriate tools and equipment to facilitate the completion of the task.

Some of the erosion control methods and products that we can install in your property include but are not limited to the following:

  • Silt fence. A silt fence is always a requirement in construction sites or major property improvement projects. This structure will help control sediment-laden storm water to directly go to waterways. It is made from porous fabric, which is held up by wooden or metal posts. At Lawnscapers, Inc., we have people who can expertly install this type of erosion control structure. We only use premium fabric and components that can withstand storm water runoff.

  • Inlet protection. We can protect your drains from sediments and other pollutants by installing inlet protection materials. The filter material is placed around your storm drain or curb inlet.

  • Erosion matting. We highly recommend erosion control matting for disturbed slopes and land areas that are vulnerable to wind and soil erosion. We may use synthetic or bio-degradable matting, depending on the condition of the slope and your preferred materials. Most property owners prefer the biodegradable materials because they promote the establishment of natural vegetation.

  • Straw mulch. Your landscape is not exempted from soil erosion risks. It is not uncommon to have bare areas in your landscape so you need to protect the soil by installing mulches. The most cost-effective protection that we can offer is straw mulch because it is easy to install and cheaper compared to other soil erosion methods.

Retaining wall is another soil erosion control structure that we can design and build. This structure will not only prevent erosion but also create new functional spaces in your property. It can also serve as decorative structures in your landscape or outdoor area. Soil erosion will result in costly damage on your landscaping and property, so protect your investment by hiring Lawnscapers, Inc. today. We service Cedarburg, WI and nearby areas.

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